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German Shepherd Puppies socialization

I know. A new puppy, beautiful, playful and also a lot of energy.

When we decide to add a new german shepherd dog to our family, we need to take in consideration some basic 

principals. German Shepherd puppies are dogs that come from working lines, therefore they display a lot of drive and desire to work.

They have endless energy that they will display if not properly channel as destructive behavior.

We as German Shepherd breeders of many years, recommend to always keep the puppies very occupied and socialize him as much as possible.

This way the puppy will use all his energy the positive way and will not focus his attention on destroying your furniture and shoes.

Take short walks at least twice a day with your puppy, buy your German Shepherd puppy lots of different puppy toys so he can be

introduce to bitting and playing but in a safe way. Always make sure your German Shepherd puppy plays with toys that are safe and will not break or tear in pieces,

since that could lead to injuries in your German Shepherd puppy due to ingestion of foreign objects.